Marnix Busstra – Firm, fragile, fun



BuzzMusic Records
released 2015 – CD-nr: BM009

The second album, after ‘Sync dreams’ of this Dutch based jazz-quartet, led by guitarist Marnix Busstra.
Quote: “On his new album ‘Fragile Firm Fun‘ he tells a musical story. Every composition has a short title that implifies a mood or feeling, as in the titles ‘Gone’, ‘Deep’ or‘Mild‘. That makes Busstra a special musician who touches the sense and the heart of the music and let it speak for itselves.” (Mattie Poels –

Marnix Busstra | guitar, bouzouki, electric sitar
Rembrandt Frerichs | piano
Arnold Dooyeweerd | double bass
Pieter Bast | drums

1. stress
2. fun
3. firm
4. mild
5. joy
6. deep
7. crazy
8. smoky
9. moody
10. fragile
11. gone

total playing time: 48.01 – All compositions by Marnix Busstra