Marnix Busstra – Dances with silence (VINYL)


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‘Dances with silence’ is an album with a story; a solo album from a jazz-guitarist on an 8-string bouzouki definitely needs some explanation.

Marnix Busstra uses this instrument for many years now, but always as an ‘instrument on the side’, next to his main instrument the jazz-guitar. The way he uses this instrument is not in the classical way it’s used in Greek or Irish music. He tunes it in a way it more or less sounds like an oriental instrument and he plays it in his very ‘own’ way.

The whole album has a specific sound and ambience, there is a lot of ‘silence’ in it. But it’s not the usual ‘new age meditation’ kind of silence, but silence with a lot of melody and expression.

The repertoire is a combination of his own compositions and some classics like ‘Norwegian wood’, ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ and ‘She’s always a woman’. 

This album is released by Rhapsody Analogue Recordings, a label specialized in high end recordings;
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released: January 2023
label: Rhapsody Analogue Recordings